CAP Ternay steering group meets with the Program Director of Oceans5.

Tuesday 21st April 2015

Chuck Fox the Program Director from Oceans5 has met with the CAP Ternay steering group as well as with representatives of NGO’s actively working in the Baie Ternay National Park.
Ocean5 is a funders collaborative dedicated to ocean conservation and has been the facilitated the grant received by the Alternative Vision for Cap Ternay project.

Mr Fox has been actively following the events surrounding Cap Ternay Mr Fox’s visit was an opportunity to provide feedback on the works undertaken by civil society for the past 5 months since CEPS’ Envrioment Commission voiced out on the negative impact the hotel project, being proposed for the area, would have had on the environment. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss civil society’s wish to put forward an alternative proposal for the site thanks to funding received through Oaks Foundation, facilitated through Oceans5.

The head of the steering group of the alternative proposal for Cap Ternay, Dr Marie-Therese Purvis spoke of the meeting held with the Seychelles Government Ministerial Representatives held in early April and informed Mr Fox that the civil society will draft a concept note on the alternative proposal and will submit to Government within the next 4 to 6 months.


Mr Fox expressed his satisfaction as to how civil society has maintained its position in advocating against the project and how in turn now we are in a position to put forward ideas that would benefit the Cap Ternay.



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CAP Ternay steering group meets with the Program Director of Oceans5.
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