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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


27th January 2015


CEPS is officially inviting members to apply for 2015 membership.

The Communication & Membership Department (C&MD) is happy to announce that an ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM has been designed and is ready for use by all members on our website

Our CEPS page is still under construction as you will see, but the Register Today section is up and running as of today.

Members will no longer be required to submit a physical form. Step One & two of the process will be done online.

The online form contains the same information as what was being requested on the physical CEPS form.

The online service has been put in place in the hope of enabling our members to input all their information electronically and all data saved online.

Once the information has been logged onto the system, your organisation will only be required to update information, through the tab Members Login.

It is in the organisation’s advantage to keep updating information, as it will allow the secretariat to better work with your organisation, using your updated information. It will also enable us to gather statistics for the betterment of the platform.

For renewal of membership in January of 2016 +, your organisation will only be required to update information (Step One) and submit the required supporting documents as stated in step two & three (see below). You will not be required to fill in the whole form except for updating your information, in line with the CEPS Criteria for Membership, for successful renewal of membership.

Having an electronic system will also permit your basic information to feed through to your organisation profile which will soon be created on our website. Having an updated profile will make your organisation more visible to the public and our stakeholders.

From the website, information given by organisations will not be viewed by people viewing the website, except for information designated for the profile section (not yet created).
Administration of the website will be done by the Communication and Membership Manager and Communication and Membership Assistant.

There will be three stages to renewing memberships.

Step One:

– First a representative of the organisation will have to access the Register Today tab on our website

It is up to the organisation to decide who shall be responsible for the updating and management of their information page.

– Information box 2 & 3 on the form, are contact details of the main contact person and email to which information will be sent to regarding the CSO Online Membership.

– For 2015 all registration will be considered as new registration with CEPS, therefore all areas with red asterik * must be filled in.

– Having filled in the form, the member then suggests a username and password, after which he/she then submit the form which is then accessed by the C&MD who will validate the information and confirm the registration by contacting members of the executive committee whose names and contact are provided on the form, to confirm that their organisation has made the submission and not a malicious act.

– If all is in order, the contact person will be sent information on confirmation and be given access to use his/her proposed login to the organisation’s page.

The C&MD can reset the login details at any time, as long as a written request is made by the organisation’s Executive Committee.

Step two

At this stage in the registration, through the tab Members Login, the person responsible to update the organisation page will be required to upload all the requested supporting documents which will include;

1. Copy of Constitution

2. List of Members (Full Name and contact details)

3. Calendar of activities for the year

4. Minutes of Last AGM

Without these documents the renewal of membership process will not be completed.

Step 3

Once all these documents have been uploaded and verified the contact person will receive notification to bring to the C&MD physical copies of:

1. A Formal written application of membership

2. A letter of good standing from the office of the Seychelles registrar.

(The original certificate from registrar will not be required from our current members, as this is already on file. The letter of good standing will validate your status – submission will only apply to new members)

Upon receipt of these two documents, members can make the R300 payment for full membership and R250 for Associate membership and be able to receive their certificate.


Kindly note that CEPS makes available two computers at the Secretariat, Orion Mall to members. They can be used for the purpose of filling in the online form.

If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact CEPS Communication and Membership Department

Those of you who require an invoice, kindly get in touch with our office


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