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The closing of the 16 Day Campaign (AFPRP)

11th December 2014

Association of Fathers Promoting Responsibility Parenthood (AFPRP) brought a large group of men together on Wednesday 10th of December to commemorate the closing of the 16 Day Campaign.
At the event, the men present signed a pledge which reads:

“As fathers, we recognize that our examples as men have an incredible impact on the lives of our family.
Therefore, by signing this pledge today we wish to fulfill our role in a manner that ultimately benefits all; hence we commit to stand up against all abuse and condemned in the strongest term all gender base violence. We seek to build and maintain ourselves as men who understand the honor of being FATHERS and Men of Responsibility.”

The pledge was signed by the Chairperson of the AFPRP, followed by Minister Vincent Meriton, the Minister for Community Development, Social Affairs and Sports. Men representing various Civil Society Organisations also signed the pledge.

Prayers, poems and speeches were read out at the event.
This is the first event organised by the AFPRP, since reforming in August this year. AFPRP is an accredited member of CEPS.

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The closing of the 16 Day Campaign (AFPRP)
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