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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

LUNGOS Communication Training gets positive reviews from participants.

01 August 2014




LUNGOS Communication Training came to a close today.The feedback have been very positive. We share some with you:



“The Training was very fruitful. I’ve learnt new things i had no knowledge of before. Should continue with this practice in the near future to develop the skills & knowledge of the public.”



“Grateful for all the information given during the 2 day sessions. Marie-anette has the ability to run the sessions as she is full of ideas and examples. I hope i take all that i have learnt back to ,my workplace and put to good use.”


“The training was very interesting. I learnt a lot. From today, i will look at things differently. The trainer was good. Fantastic, easy going. nice job!!”



“I thank LUNGOS, for this useful training and I’ve had the chance to learn a lot on effective communication and in managing the image of my organisation in P.R and to communicate effectively with my customers and the public in general. I also have a clearer picture about media and I’m ready to make myself useful in these areas of work. I thank my trainer and please let her know that she is a very good teacher.”



“Training was – A succes – short but precise – encouraging
** PR & Media topics were excellent.
Facilitator was – excelent – fantastic – very knowledgeable – real and very confident.
Thank you Mrs Ernesta & LUNGOS”



“It would be a big plus to LUNGOS if it could provide or extend this communication training skill to various private companies/organisations or even Government sectors, so that more in our society will benefit. This training was on point. Chapeau to Marie-Annette. In life we all learn something new everyday. For me today what really drove me home were the 5 W’s.”



LUNGOS have other trainings lined up in the coming months and will be promoting them to our members.



LUNGOS Communication Training gets positive reviews from participants.

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