Communication Training underway at LUNGOS

31 July 2014



40 NGO members are benefiting from the LUNGOS Communication Training for NGO’s which was launched this morning. The training is being conducted as part of LUNGOS’ capacity building programme for its members, now that the unit is going through the transformation process from a Unit for Non-Governmental Organisation to a platform for Civil Society.
The training is focusing on are:
• Need for PR in Civil Society Management
• Communicating with target audiences
• Using the Media as an advocacy Tool
• The importance of media to the work of Civil society
• How to build media relations/contacts
• Creating a core message
• Being media savvy… Press release/press statement/press advisory
• Preparing for media interviews
• Press kits
• Being your own media (photos/social media/newsletter/ opinion pieces/news source etc)
The two day Communication Training is being facilitated by journalist and trainer Mrs Marie-Annette Ernesta.


Communication Training underway at LUNGOS

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