IDEAS meets LUNGOS/CDWS on Elections Reform

11 June 2014

IDEAS meets LUNGOS & CDWS - large
Vice Chairperson of CDWS – Mr Jean Claude Matombe, Chairperson of CDWS – Mrs Eline Moses, Ms Mette Bakken of IDEA & LUNGOS CEO – Mr Steve Lalande.

Ms Mette Bakken of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is currently implementing a project entitled Electoral Reform in Africa that aims to contribute to improved guidelines on electoral reform in the continent. More specifically, the Project will look into the role and approaches of Electoral Management Bodies in electoral reform processes. She met with LUNGOS and CDWS on Tuesday 10th June.

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is an inter governmental organization with a mission to support sustainable democracy world wide.
The objectives of the Institute are to support stronger democratic institutions and processes, and more sustainable, effective and legitimate democracy.
International IDEA is the only global intergovernmental organization with the sole mandate of supporting democracy; IDEA’s vision is to be the primary global actor in sharing comparative knowledge and experience in support of democracy.
Key issues that will be addressed relates to, amongst others, how EMBs carry out post-electoral review processes, engage with stakeholders, integrate election observation recommendations in their reform work, establish reform strategies and set priorities, deal with gender equality, diversity and security-related issues etc. Based on a series of case studies, the Project will analyse comparative experiences and lessons learned and outline key recommendations for EMB involvement in the field of electoral reform.
LUNGOS described the processes involved in elections reform in Seychelles as satisfactory at the consultation level where stakeholders were able to make proposals.
“The fact that people give a lot of their time and expertise to national processes of nation building, recommendations made need to be taken seriously. Now that the consultations are over and proposals have been made, LUNGOS and CDWS are looking forward to have sight and deliberate over the draft election bill through the Electoral Forum, before it goes to the National Assembly.”said Mr Steve Lalande, CEO, LUNGOS.



IDEAS meets LUNGOS/CDWS on Elections Reform

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