Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Month: June 2014

Know more about LUNGOS involvement in the Island Voices Global Choices, SIDS conference

23 June 2014   The SIDS Conference will include six multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues, which are expected to provide an opportunity for a) Recognizing successful partnerships, b) Launching innovative and concrete […]

U.S Ambassador meets with NGO’s for people living with disabilities and those supporting them.

 17 June 2014     The U.S Ambassador to the Seychelles Mrs Shari Villarosa, today met with NGO’s Love & Care Association, Association With People with Hearing Impairment (APHI) and […]

Centre D’Accuile de La Rosiere I envit ou en laprosesyon avek flanbo a lokazyon “Lazournen Enternasyonal kont drog ek laklol”.

16 June 2014   Centre D’Accuile de La Rosiere (CAR) pe organiz en laprosesyon  avek Zedi le 26 Desanm pou mark ‘”Lazournen Enternasyonal kont drog ek laklol”. Sa aktivite in […]

Seychelles entrepreneurs have officially elected the “National Platform for Young Entrepreneurs”. 

09 June 2014 In April 2013 a group of young entrepreneurs from member states of the Indian Ocean Commission, met in Seychelles to discuss how young entrepreneurs can network in […]

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