Seychelles Electoral Observers Sets Sight On Zimbabwe Election

Representatives of the Citizens Democracy Watch Seychelles (CDWS), will soon be heading to Zimbabwe to observe the presidential & parliamentary elections, taking place on the 31 of July. Seychelles’s participation has been made possible following a request from SADC through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Seychelles participation reinforces its position as a key stakeholder in promoting regional integration and stability.

cdws trainingA group of Seychellois observers have already been identified for the mission. The team attended a refresher training course on Saturday 13 of July at the LUNGOS Conference room. The workshop was facilitated by ex parliamentarians and facilitators within the CDWS.

The training course was to prepare the observers for the particularities that will be faced in a country such as Zimbabwe. Topics ranged from political climate, code of conduct to technical skills in election observation.
The CEO of LUNGOS, Mr Steve Lalande observed that, “The training course has once again brought together advocates of democracy. The CDWS was the first local group to observe elections in Seychelles. Now it is extending its services regionally. It is certain that the regional experience gained will contribute to future elections in Seychelles. Today’s training has proven to be fruitful as we had the participation of political parties who are also going to observe. They also benefited from the workshop. It is truly an honour for the CDWS to be representing the Seychelles as member state of SADC at the Zimbabwe 2013 elections.”
The CDWS is a local elections observer group that addresses issues to do with democracy and governance in Seychelles from a balanced, analytical and citizens based approach. CDWS is a group of Seychellois citizens, associated by our common interest and concerns towards promoting principles of democracy, good governance and fair elections through research, education, community projects and meaningful dialogue. Citizens Democracy Watch (Seychelles) is a non-governmental organisation. The organisation is non partisan and not associated to any political party. Although its focus is on Seychelles, CDWS is also interested in promoting principles of good governance across the SADC region. CDWS is an accredited NGO with the Liaison-Unit of Non-Governmental Organisations of Seychelles (LUNGOS).

Seychelles Electoral Observers Sets Sight On Zimbabwe Election

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