Seychelles Civil Society Member

Association for the Promotion of Solid Human Family (APSHF)

Date Founded: Jun 2013


Address: Salle d’Oeuvres Building PO Box 61 Victoria Mahe Seychelles


Tel: +248 4225300 – 2522300

Fax: +248 4323778

E-mail: [email protected]

Focal Person: Mrs. Rosy Denis


Category: Rights & Good Governance Commission, Social and Health Commission , Socio-Economic Commission


Through information education and support to build solid human families

  1. To promote the welfare of all women of the family as a unit
  2. To educate/inform so as to influence attitudes behaviour
  3. Help couples take their responsabilities vis a vis their children
  4. Work towards effecting harmonious family life.
  5. Try to influence governments decision regarding facilities.
  6. Provide support/ help for all workers of families in distress.


Faith based
Families, fathers, mothers,single mothers,youth and children

General population
We look at the family as a unit and our activities cover, men ,women, children, youths etc. 

Help Through Marriage Care & Care for the Family, UK


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