Seychelles Civil Society Member

Association for Construction & Maintenance Contractors of Seychelles

Date Founded: Jun 2013


Address: c/o LUNGOS Victoria, Mahe


Tel: +248 2783058 – 4324969

Focal Person: Mr. Ralph Ernesta- Chairperson


Category: Commission of Professional Organisations, Socio-Economic Commission


  1. To better promote the constructionmaintenace and engineering professions within the Seychelles;
  2. To assist in the training of the professionals and technicians;
  3. To set standard of professionals conduct in constructions maintenance and engineering;
  4. To serve as a forum for the dissemination of  information related to constructions matters;
  5. To serve as an advisory body to Government on matters related to construction project in Seychelles.


Accredited to LUNGOS:20th April,2009


 © 2009 Liaison Unit of Non-Governmental Organisations Seychelles


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