Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

National Capacity Building

3 years Project ending 31st. Of December 2009
The objective of the project is to contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of Seychelles, by enhancing the capacity of state and non-state actors and developing sensitization to human rights issues. This will entail the capacity building of state actors in gender responsive policy formulation, development and implementation of a Human Resources Action Plan, and of NGOs in project management to improve service delivery, and strengthening the capacity of police officers in respecting and adopting human rights practices, sensitising the judiciary, media and civil society on gender and human rights issues.
The project aims at covering three different but related sectors, namely:
  • Training and development of human resources for state actors;
  • Capacity-building of non-state actors and civil society;
  • Promotion of human rights via training and sensitization campaigns.
Sector (2) capacity-building of non-state actors and civil society is subdivided in 4 components:
  1. Skills Assessment of Non State Actors
  2. NSAs trained in thematic policies, project management and resource mobilization
  3. Information database developed and networking of NSA established.
  4. Legal framework revised and strengthened enabling NSAs effective participation in policy dialogue and decision-making.

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