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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

UPF-Seychelles holds annual general meeting 

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF)-Seychelles hosted its third annual general meeting (AGM) with the aim of seeking more members and bringing forth the awareness of ‘building a national goal of peace’.

The meeting, which took place on Saturday April 1 at the Ceps conference Room (Orion Mall building in Victoria), was sponsored by the UPF-Seychelles executive committee.

UPF-Seychelles operates as an independent, voluntary, and non-profit organisation. The vision of the association is to sensitise the general public on the need to build a national goal of peace in which every Seychellois can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation, and prosperity.

The Aassociation is registered with the Registrar of Association as prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Seychelles.

Members and affiliates who attended the AGM 2023, consented to reconfirm the seven (7) executive committee members who were elected on a two-year mandate during the AGM 2021, as follows: Roger Alphonse (chairperson); Anna Faerber (vice-chairperson); Suganda Betioux (secretary); Jacob Terence Madeleine (treasurer); Rosemary Elizabeth (secretary general) and two (2) ordinary members – Wilven Alcindor and Brisiola Niole (the youth representative), including honorary member Diana Benoit.

The AGM 2023started after 10am with an opening prayer by vice-chairperson Anna Faeber, after chairperson Roger Alphonse had welcomed the invited guests and members.

In his opening remarks, chairperson Alphonse highlighted the importance of UPF-Seychelles and its affiliated parent organisation, UPF-International based in New York, USA. UPF provides a platform for people of diverse faith to contribute their wisdom, intelligence and experiences and work effectively to promote global peace.

The chairperson also emphasised that every member should know the ‘Vision, Mission and Objective’ of UPF-Seychelles at the tip of their tongue.

He also spoke about the motive and objectives of UPF-Seychelles and outlined the activities conducted by UPF-Seychelles over the five-year period of 2018-2022.

Thereafter, the treasurer, Jacob Terence Madeleine, gave a financial account of the association as the association had not indulged much in financial activities for the financial year 2022. This was followed by the call to bring in more members, especially the youth, and the need for UPF-Seychelles to work with all stakeholders at hand, including the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC).

Vice-chair Anna Faerber recalled the need to acquire additional members and outlined the proposed ‘calendar of activities’ of UPF-Seychelles for this year 2023. These include character education workshops, association meetings, workshops to recruit more members, visits to low-income families, and the annual Peace Day festival which will be conducted on September 21, 2023.

This was followed by a moment of ‘question time’, whereby the members and affiliates placed emphasis on the need to enhance the communication channels within the association and among the members.

The secretary-general also emphasised the need for UPF-Seychelles to be more visible within the country, especially through the use of the media.

She stated that UPF-Seychelles should be all out to sell itself to the general public.

There and then, the reports, calendar of activities, and appointment of Auditor were approved by all present. Subsequently, the AGM 2023 did not host any elections for a new executive committee, as all members agreed for the executive committee, elected for a two-year mandate, to continue in their sit-in positions.

The AGM concluded with closing remarks by secretary-general Rosemary Elizabeth, who also called to action the members to go out and seek more members to be registered and /or affiliated with UPF-Seychelles.

She also stated that the association is mandated to promote peace, love, unity, happiness, and good values which are currently lacking in our motherland.

UPF-Seychelles intends to work effectively alongside representatives of government, businesses, civil societies, and the community in general to promote and enhance peace within our small island State.

Her closing final remark was short and sweet: “Violence brings war but Love brings Peace. So let us live Love that brings Peace and not war, which brings about violence and crime!”

The AGM was adjourned around 12:30pm, and the members and affiliates present were treated to refreshments and snacks.

The executive committee and members of UPF-Seychelles would like to thank Ceps’ management for the logistics, and assistance during their AGM 2023. Sincere thanks are also conveyed to Suganda Betioux for her active participation in the AGM 2023, for the arrangements of the Ceps conference room, and in maintaining the cleanliness of the room, afterward, as we continue to ‘live for the sake of others’.

UPF-Seychelles holds annual general meeting 
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