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Ceps marks NGO Week

Mr Laurence and Mrs Larue during the press conference

The Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps) is commemorating the NGO week in collaboration with its members as part of continued efforts to revive the civil society sector.

The celebration started yesterday, which was the NGO day, with a press conference by the Ceps’ chief executive, Alvin Laurence and the chairperson, Françoise Larue.

The event will go on for a week and will end on the Sunday March 5.

The week will be the opportunity for the board to consult with members on the various issues crucial for their sector.

During the press conference Mr Laurence laid out the objectives behind the NGO week celebration. He shared that many NGOs take this opportunity to organise their activities.

“As seen on this week’s programme there are many activities planned by the NGOs throughout the year, so they are not restricted to this week only,” he said.

He added the celebration will also include the commemoration of the Zero Discrimination Day on March 1, which is this Wednesday, with a forum that will discuss the matter. It will be followed on March 3 with the launch of the Father’s Association, which according to Mr Laurence is a very important association for the country.

He added that with an increase in Ceps’ budget this year, the organisation will also be allocating resources to Praslin and La Digue. Ceps has been allocated an amount of R3 million for the year which is 700,000 more than last year.

“Over the weekend we will be focusing our work on Praslin, La Digue, because we ourselves have realised that for multiple reasons – like a lack of resource – we have not been giving enough attention to these islands, than we would have preferred to,” stated Mr Laurence.

There are currently a little over 200 NGOs in Seychelles, consisting of sports associations, cultural movements and health associations. In the civil society movement there are about 115 NGOs that exist and Ceps is currently working with 97 NGOs in Seychelles.

For her part, Mrs Larue congratulated all NGOs for their work and contribution and also wished them a happy NGO day.

“I would like to thank all those who are participating for a good cause, it is not an easy thing to do but as all the NGOs know it is also not a job that is impossible,” she said.

Mrs Larue also referred to the various incidents happening in communities around the country, which is of concern to the organisation. These include an increase in the number of crimes and violent acts.

“Here today I would like to reach out to governmental authorities to be a bit more proactive, especially in places where there are many residences,” she said.

She urged NGOs in different communities to step forward and be more active to try and prevent any acts of violence so as to promote a safe and peaceful community and said Ceps will support NGOs interested in promoting peace and stability.

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Ceps marks NGO Week
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