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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Advocacy and media tools-The heart of NGOs

The Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS) organised a three-day training from Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st July 2020 at CEPS Conference Room. The aim of the training was to enhance the operational and human capacity of CEPS’ Social, Health and Education Commission members in social advocacy campaign and media tools to effectively deliver social programmes and to better represent and serve the interests of vulnerable groups within the community.

The training was facilitated by Mr Albert Duncan, who is a communications and media specialist and has been involved in social advocacy campaigns given his field of study.

The training received a group of around 30 participants. They were all keen and eager to be part of this learning process to upgrade and enhance their social advocacy skills, which is highly recommended in project management which is of paramount importance in the running of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

The training was very interactive which got the participants to come out of their “comfort zone” and be practical in the activities organised by the facilitator such as; creating a Facebook page, how to promote activities online, creating logos/poster, how to write attractive mottos, amongst others. As a result, they expect to use these materials within their daily operations in their respective organisations. In fact, throughout the three days, the facilitator carried and guided the participants through a process of applying the tools learned by starting their own social and advocacy campaign plan which will allow them to accomplish the objectives of their organisations with more efficacies.

The tools and the plans that they have will develop and will increase the visibility and add value to the NGOs they represent, CEPS and the civil society sector at different levels. In general, the participants found the training very informative and fruitful.

The participants are now better equipped with adequate skills and knowledge not to only reach out to vulnerable groups in the society but to also promote their NGOs so that others are aware of their valuable contributions in the development of the country. This will also help them to attract more donors for the projects they plan to initiate.

The three-day training concluded with a certificate presentation ceremony whereby those who were present throughout the entire training received a certificate of participation which is recognized by CEPS. This training was the last activity under a project funded by FORUS. CEPS is committed to incorporate such training in its yearly action plan as a continuation for the benefit of other affiliated members.

As part of their project, CEPS developed a methodology for assessing capacity learning and skills in social program design and delivery. The assessment is conducted through semi-structured interviews supplemented by quantitative data and focus groups. This type of analysis can help to better understand the qualities of each organization in order to formulate evidence-based interventions that achieve the best outcomes for the beneficiaries.

Advocacy and media tools-The heart of NGOs
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