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Peace Day 2020 marked by tree planting

To mark Peace Day yesterday, the International Day for Peace Committee organised a tree-planting activity in collaboration with six renowned local peace poets and the ‘Zanfan Losean EZ’ Association.

They planted 21 coconut trees in the vicinity of the waterfront café and they all wore a white shirt/top.

The theme for the event was ‘My Sustainable Tree’ and it was inaugurated by the Mayor of Victoria, David Andre.

“As Mayor, I always have the environment at heart. I am happy once again to see Victoria green and peaceful. Peace starts with an action and all those who are here today believe in peace. We recently celebrated the 250th anniversary of our Nation and the fact that we are multi-racial we can become a model for the world. More than ever we have to reinforce our efforts to keep Seychelles as peaceful as possible,” he said.

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) member, Jacob Terence Madeleine, noted that this event is a symbol to send peace in Seychelles. “Coconut trees is one among our heritage and the organisation Zanfan Losean EZ decided that we should use the coconut trees as a message of peace to Seychelles.”

UPF secretary general, Rosemary Elizabeth, recalled the role of UPF in Seychelles. “Created in 2005, we served the community till 2011. Then last year, 2019, we revived the organisation. UPF is a global network of individuals and organisations dedicated to building a world of peace in which everyone can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and prosperity. Peace is not simply the absence of war or a term that applies only to the relationships among nations. Peace is an essential quality that should characterise all relationships. UPF advocates renewal of the United Nations, including a proposal that the UN create an interreligious council within its structures. UPF implements its programmes through a global network of Ambassadors for Peace. UPF encourages all religions to dialogue and cooperate for peace based upon the recognition that human dignity derives from a universal divine source that is the basis of harmony and unification. The organisation also offers relief and humanitarian programmes, service-learning projects, character education and sports programmes with a special focus on personal leadership and peacemaking skills.”

In this election time, Mrs Elizabeth is urging everybody to respect each other and do their campaign in peace.

The accompanying photographs show highlights of the tree planting ceremony.

courtesy of seychelles nation

Peace Day 2020 marked by tree planting
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