The second edition of the CEO volunteer award was held on the 8th of December 2017 at Ephilia. It was on e of those occasions when the volunteers laid down their tool, forgot about their daily rushes and met other volunteers in a relaxed atmosphere. The ceremony started at 6.30 pm. With a well balanced mix of speeches and performances the audience was kept on the edge of their seats with suspense.

11 nominees were honored that night. Mrs. Mia Dunford, Mrs. Germaine Valentin Gill, Mrs. Lucianne Sophola, Mrs Maryline Marie, Ms Kalsey Belle, Mrs Louisette Sopha, Mrs. Christianne Vidot, Mr. David Payet, Mr. George Camille and Mr. Justin Freminot. When it came to the main attraction of the night… the jury announced that they have a special prize for a young volunteer… “Coeur de jury”. This went to Mr. Chet Houareau. 2nd runner up prize went to Mrs. Germaine Valentin Gill, whose devotion over the many years of volunteerism paid off on that night. It was a case of second time lucky for Mrs Valentin as she was a nominee for the first edition in 2016.

First prize went to Mr. Justin Freminot. Winner of the Men’s award first edition three years ago, Mr Freminot has forever been a volunteer. At community level to national level he has worked tirelessly for the benefit of all without regards to any particular social status or criteria. Happy to have made a marked difference over so many decades of volunteerism Mr. Freminot stated that he wish to see more young people taking up the ideals of volunteerism as it is there that one develops and learns the most. After all the official runs… dinner was served and later the floor was open to the dancers…

However all this would not have happened if we did not have the support of our partners namely Ephilia… National Volunteer Committee, STC, H. Savy Insurance, Mauritius Commercial Bank, Laser Pro, and Brux Designs. Our next rendez vous is in 2 years time.