4th Affordable ARTerial Fair 2017 !



To Seychelles Artists, Call for submission The 4th Affordable ARTerial Fair 2017 Dear Artists, Following the successful 3rd edition of last years’ Affordable ARTerial Fair in Kaz Zanana, Victoria (to see the last year’s photo, click here), applications are now open for the 2017. The art fair will run from the 10th November to the 30th November 2017 at Eden Art Space gallery in Eden Plaza on Mahe Island. For the 4th Edition, there will be some changes on the rules:  No size limitations on the artwork;  No limitations on the amount of artwork each artist can bring;  The ceiling sales price will increase from max. 5000 SCR to 10,000 SCR; 

We accept not only originals but also prints;  We accept not only paintings, but also sculptures and photography. We are looking for busy walls with diversified Artwork from a wide range of Artists who live and work in Seychelles, not only established but also young rising stars. The call for submission is open to both members and non-members of Arterial Network Seychelles.

The deadline for submission application and artwork is 6 p.m., Nov.8th, 2017.

Artwork cannot be accepted after this deadline as we will plan the hanging with available work only. The timeline for participating artists is as follows:  Oct.16: Call for submission by ANS  Oct.18 – Oct.27: Application form submission only  Oct.30 – Nov.8: Delivery of artwork to the gallery, application form submission  Nov.9: Gallery set-up date  Nov.10: 2017 Friday night opening cocktail

4th Affordable ARTerial Fair 2017 !
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