In 2015 the Citizens Engagement Platform, Seychelles (CEPS)  developed the ‘Complementary Vision for Baie Ternay’ project with the aim of proposing an eco-development initiative that would promote the conservation of ecosystems, education, research and sustainable recreational activities in the area of Baie Ternay. This proposal is the result of wide consultation with members of the public and a broad range of other stakeholders. As well as seeking the views of members of the public during the 2015 national day exhibition, CEPS consulted with members of environmental groups and other NGOs, the UniSey Blue Economy Research Institute, the Department of Environment and SNPA. Proposed ideas thus gathered were further discussed in a focus group workshop held on 4th August 2015 involving all partners consulted.

CEPS Proposal was presented to the President two  weeks ago and it was warmly welcomed. In addition the government has decided to construct a rehabilitation centre at Baie Ternay for children with various social adaptation  problems. Such a centre would be compatible with the CEPS’ proposal for a sustainable recreational centre for young people, as the two institutions could work in collaboration and support each other.

A site visit was organized by the three Ministers closely involved with the rehabilitation centre project, namely Ministers Bastienne, Morgan and Simeon on Monday 29th May 2017,  to explore the area and have an idea of where the centre could be located. CEPS Baie Ternay project team was also invited to the site visit and the representatives were  the Board Chairperson Mr Hoareau, the Programs & Events Manager Michel Pierre and his assistant Ms Agnielle Payet. CEPS went along to share the concept of the proposed development presented to the president and to discuss the way forward of how the government and CEPS can incorporate the two developments.