Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

CDWS hold Human Rights Symposium

20 January 2017

Citizens from various walks of life have today attended a unique symposium where various speakers talked about democracy and human rights.




The symposium was organized by CEPS accredited member Citizens Democracy Watch Seychelles. As part of the organisation’s mission to promote and strengthen democracy and good governance by creating awareness on rights and values.
The symposium was launched by Vice President Vincent Meriton.
While one presentation dealt with the Seychellois Charter Of Human Rights, six other presentations dealt with focus areas which included gender equality, Children’s human rights, worker’s rights, right of people living with disabilities, civil rights and equality of lesbian, gays, bisexual, and transgender and lastly Rights And Dignity Of The Elderly.




Participants came from governmental departments, the legislature, and judiciary as well as from civil society organizations.
The symposium not only empowered participants but also permitted them to know the various agencies and bodies working to promote and protect these different rights. While for some it was an eye opener, for many other attendees there was a call for these various rights to be given more visibility through education and empowerment sessions with the rest of the population.




Following the symposium, participants pledged to respect other people’s human rights and to actively promote rights and equality.

CDWS hold Human Rights Symposium
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