Profile: Mrs. RoseMary Elizabeth

09th July 2016

Profile: Mrs. RoseMary Elizabeth

Mrs. Rose-Mary Elizabeth

1. Motivation comes from the facts that I see so many people who are seeking help in one area or another and most of them are women who are at a disadvantage. My inspiration came from working with women like late Mrs. Rita Sinon, Mrs Geva Rene, late Mrs. Martha Rene, Anne Athanasius and Mrs. Helene Maiche all very dynamic women. Additionally I consider OPRAH Winfrey as my main mentor. Someone I personally would wish to meet.

2. Start of career in CS dates back to late 70’3 when I join an Association called “La Societe Feminine” along with people like Mrs. Geva Rene and Geraldine Laporte. At that time the people women in particular were living in mere poverty. They did not know their rights. So many children were suffering from malnutrition. I was a teacher then but with all the suffering around I decided to join Geraldine in doing Field work to eliminate malnutrition and to educate the women on the need to be empowered.

3. Current existing opportunities within the socio-economic sector are many. The country has opened up to the work both in term of Tourism and international cooperation. This has brought about tremendous development which we have not only to appreciate but to take advantage of. In tourism there is great opportunities for both men and women to start from the bottom and to climb up the ladder to self actualization. In the area of investment, there is a great opportunity for us all to venture into business on our own or with other partners. Both Seychelles Investment Bureau and SENPA and SBFA and other banking institutions through the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship, Development and Business Innovation provide support for such initiative. They are relevant to CS but SC need more support from these sector in place, involvement to participate on Committees so we know better Government plan and priorities. At the same time, we as CS has to be more engaged and find ways and means to develop and incapacitate our members who are working in the Socio Economic field.

4. Envisage Goal as Commissioner for Socio Economic Development is get members to work together in building programmes aim at sustainable development so as to bring economic wealth and prosperity to Seychelles. To achieve this goal we need to work together in unity as a team, so we can move in force and enthusiast from micro to macro project which are viable.

Profile: Mrs. RoseMary Elizabeth
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