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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

CEPS Members Dialogue

Wednesday 11th May 2016

CEPS organised a Members Dialogue on Wednesday 11th of May. The meeting was held at 3.30pm at the CEPS Conference Room.

Following an introductory remark by the Chairman, Mr Jules Hoareau, the CEPS CEO, Mr Marcel Rosalie shared with members, upcoming events scheduled for the month of May and June.These include the CEPS AGM, a session with the Commonwealth, Constitutional Day and National Day Expo in which CEPS will be participating alongside some of its members.

Dr Marie-Therese Purvis, the Environment & Natural Resources commissioner then took the floor with a presentation on the Cap Ternay Complementary Project final draft Report. The final report is to be presented to Government in June, therefore CEPS members are being invited to make final amendments.

Members also had the opportunity to learn more about the Citizens Advice Bureau, which is a new service currently being offered by CEPS. This presentation was done by CEPS Programmes & Events Manager Mr Michel Pierre. Members are being encouraged to sign up as officers who will help run the service.

Last on the agenda was a short presentation on the reviewed Membership Criteria. The exercise was conducted between January to beginning of May this year, by the CEPS Credentials Committee along with member volunteers who had an interest in the way that CEPS recruite and manage members.

The meeting ended at 5.30pm, with the next rendezvous at the CEPS AGM scheduled for Saturday 21st of May in Room 2, ICCS.

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CEPS Members Dialogue
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