CEPS & Head of Civilian Component of EASF Discuss Opportunities

Mr. Steve Lalande, the Head of Civilian Component in the Eastern African Standby Force Secretariat (EASFSEC) has met with CEPS Chairman, Mr. Jules Hoareau and the Gender Rights and Governance Commissioner, Mrs Monica Servina. The meeting had as aim to discuss the opportunities that exist for Seychellois citizen’s participation in the EASF.



Currently the network of EASF trained civilians as well as CEPS accredited members receive the communications whenever there are trainings scheduled. The communication does not get out to other volunteers or citizens. This was therefore a point of discussion, with the hope of identifying ways and means of getting the information out to the general public.


The group also discussed the opportunities that exist to sensitize the public on EASF and the humanitarian work and training available through the programme.




Through the discussion, CEPS has committed to continue sending the information to its members and to do its part to sensitize volunteers and the general public on the works of the EASF and how civilians play a vital role in peace keeping and support in areas such as child protection, human rights protection and protection of rule of law among other works identified for civilians in post war zones.


Mr. Lalande and his team were in Seychelles for a three-day National Focal Point Workshop and Civilian Component Meeting. This was therefore an opportunity to meet with local stakeholders.

CEPS & Head of Civilian Component of EASF Discuss Opportunities
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