The Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy meets with CEPS

12 November 2015

A delegation from the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy (EISA) in Africa have today met with representatives form the Youth, Women and Media organisations accredited with CEPS. The meeting comes as Seychelles is about to have Presidential elections.The meeting was chaired by the Commissioner for Gender, Rights and Governance Mrs Monica Servina.


The aim of EISA is promote credible elections, citizen participation and the strengthening of political institutions for sustainable democracy in Africa, EISA seeks to influence key political processes that underpin elections in Africa and to promote the development, popularisation and application of election principles and good practices through knowledge production and dissemination, monitoring and technical support to election stakeholders.

As a non-governmental organisation it gives support to Political Parties and provide balloting and Electoral Services.The institute provides independent and impartial electoral administration, management and consultancy services to business, labour, government, civic associations, tertiary institutions, community based organizations and political parties.


The meeting with CEPS served to identify the involvement of the three groups invited during the election process and how as civil society organisation they are making use of the various structures in place, especially now that Seychelles has a new electoral law and electoral commission.


EISA will be conducting training for observation groups from both SAD and the African Union. Members of civil society are also set to benefit from these trainings.


The Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy meets with CEPS
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