Day two of colloquium : Visibility for Civil Society Organisations.

15th October 2015

Day two of colloquium : Visibility for Civil Society Organisations.

The 14th Indian Ocean Colloquium entered its second day today and civil society has had ample opportunity to engage and share experiences.

The morning session included a presentation on the HIV/Aids cases that is occurring in the 50+ age group worldwide. For this session the community based organisation regrouping the elderly in Seychelles were especially invited to attend this session. The group was lead by Mrs Marie-Antoinette Nanon and came from different districts.

The second part of the programme permitted all civil society organisations from the region to gather in one room and share their experiences, best practices and difficulties they face in combating HIV/Aids and Hepatitis. The session was chaired by Seychelles’ Marcel Rosalie.

The platform for civil society in Seychelles through its Communications & Membership Manager, Ms Tessa Henderson briefed participants on how CEPS as the platform functions in providing support to its members through its various commissions. She also spoke of the opportunity that exixts for associations from the different commissions to join forces and work together on specific projects. Participants were informed of how CEPS has taken the lead in supporting two of its members in conducting the “Test & Treat” campaign. From this point on Mr Justin Freminot of HASO gave details on his association joint forces with ASFF and how the campaign is being undertaken at district level with the assistance of volunteers.

An intervention made by the Chairperson of WASO Seycheles, encouraged all association working to help combat HIV/Aids to build partnerships with not only the Ministry of Health but also with the private sector and other stakeholders to not only guarantee financial aid but to engage through education and sensitisation.

All in all, Seychelles civil society had ample opportunity today to put forward the work it is doing. It would have been great if the sharing would have been done to all those attending the colloquium. Through the various presentations, we have all learnt from each other and feel positive about all that is being done in the region.

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Day two of colloquium : Visibility for Civil Society Organisations.
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