05th August 2015

Civil Society Elaborates On Their Aspirations Of A Sustainable Development At Baie Ternay.

The Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS) have brought together representatives from various sectors within civil society to consolidate project ideas for the future sustainable development of Baie-Ternay. The focus group workshop was held on Tuesday 04th of August in the grounds of the Presidents Village at Port Glaud. Three local consultants led the half day event – Dr Elvina Henriette, Dr Bruno Senterre & Elke Talma.

Baie Ternay is a sensitive area, surrounded by two marine parks and a national park. Therefore it was important that the participants recognise the ecological importance of the area. Consultants, Dr Bruno Senterre & Elke Talma enlightened those present of the marine and terrestrial assets of Baie Ternay. Participants were taken on a site visit to Baie Ternay to familiarise themselves with the area under discussion.

Using the results of the public opinion survey conducted during the 2015 National Day Expo, lead consultant Dr Elvina Henriette coordinated focus group discussions. Four key areas were identified for in-depth dialogue by relevant stakeholders were:

• Conservation, Research & Education
• Eco-tourism, Public services, Information centre and Leisure
• Rehabilitation/Reform centre, Meditation/Spiritual centre
• Youth & Sports

Workshop participants felt that half a day was not sufficient for in-depth discussions on the proposed sustainable development of the Baie Ternay area. Mr Francis Accouche of the SCOUTS association appreciated the fact that the social, leisure, youth and sports were considered alongside the environment, education, research and eco tourism components. “I believe that all four components which we looked at can be integrated harmoniously for the complementary benefit of all”.

Lead consultant Dr Elvina Henriette has expressed satisfaction following workshop and stated that there was active participation from those present. She went on to say that “The groups elaborated on the four key outcomes from the public opinion survey which gives a bank of sustainable development ideas that will compliment the proposal for a Blue Economy Institute which was announced by President Michel earlier this year.”

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