Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

The New Chief Executive Officer Of CEPS

15th July 2015

Following the change from LUNGOS, in November 2014, the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles has successfully completed its stabilisation process. This follows a series of exercises that have taken place within the main bodies of the platform.

The secretariat is being led by the new Chief Executive Officer, Ms Veronique Bonnelame. Ms Bonnelame brings to CEPS her experience of working with the civil society sector for the past six years, gained in her capacity as the National Coordinator of the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme.

Under the Chairperson Mr Jules Hoareau and the new CEO’s leadership, the Board and Secretariat of CEPS recently came together during a two day working session aimed at reviewing CEPS’ internal structure and operational strategies, which includes: continued engagement with Government, networking to increase membership of the platform and resource mobilization to implement programmes for the benefit of civil society organizations (CSOs).

One of the sub committees within CEPS is the Credentials Committee – the guardian of the CEPS membership, elected by the 2014 CEPS AGM. The committee has put in place engagement strategies aimed at recruiting new members and facilitating the renewal of membership through the creation of the online membership application and have reviewed the CEPS Membership Criteria, in line with the current needs of CSOs. The committee has also started to meet with civil society organisations through what it calls the “Tête-a-Tête Meetings” with members and non-members to better understand the needs and functions of civil society organizations.

CEPS so far has over 50 accredited members and is aiming to increase its CSO membership. In the near future, CEPS is planning to meet with political parties, the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Investment and trade unions who are its potential affiliate members.

CEPS will be organising a general meeting with all its accredited members on the 31st of July at 3.00pm at the CEPS Conference. The meeting will be followed by a social gathering.

Two members from each organisation are being invited to attend.

CEPS Secretariat Staff photo: (From left to right):
Ms Doreen Niole – Administration & Finance Manager, Mrs Agnielle Payet – Programme & Events Assistant, Ms Tessa Henderson – Communication & Membership Manager, Ms Veronique Bonnelame – Chief Executive Officer, Ms Nathasha Dodin – Communication & Membership Assistant and Mr Michel Pierre – Programme & Events Manager.

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The New Chief Executive Officer Of CEPS
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