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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Civil Society Society consulted for the ASMADS Study

Thursday 09th April 2015

An agriculture sector and marine aquaculture development study (ASMADS) is currently being undertaken in Seychelles and being funded by the African Development Bank.
Representatives from ASMAD led by Mr Jean Jaques Scaravizzi met with CEPS representives on the 8th of April, to find out of the works being undertaken by civil society within the agricultural sector. Also present from the Agricultural Agency was Mr Jose Guerero and Mrs Linette Estico. CEPS was represented at the meeting by CEPS Programmes & Events Manager Mr Michel Pierre and CEPS Communications & Membership Manager Ms Tessa Henderson.

The specific objectives of the study are to develop appropriate strategies for the implementation of the agriculture sector policy and prepare a viable agriculture sector development project for financing.


The study will involve a review of the agriculture sector contributing to the development of strategies to implement the agriculture sector policy, and culminating in the preparation of an Agriculture Sector Development Project (ASDP). The study will require a multi-disciplinary team for its execution, and will be conducted in three phases for a total of 11 calendar months from the mobilisation of the study team.


The ASWAD delegation spoke of the Economic growth during the last 20 years in Seychelles, which has been led by the tourism sector. During this period the agriculture sector, once the mainstay of the economy, experienced a reduction in capital injection from the government. As a result much of the agricultural infrastructure is now in need of rehabilitation or replacement.


The Government of Seychelles approached the African Development Bank for assistance from the Middle Income Country (MIC) Trust Fund in order to carry out a comprehensive Agriculture Sector Development Study (ASDS). The study would contribute to developing strategies for the implementation of the agriculture sector policy and would also prepare a bankable agriculture sector development project.


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Civil Society Society consulted for the ASMADS Study
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