Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles


Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

LUNGOS celebrates its 25th anniversary.

20 July 2014

Happy 25th Aniversary LUNGOS

On the 20th of July 1989, a small group of NGO’s met to discuss the formation of a liaison unit. This idea was initiated by the Commonwealth Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Seychelles Credit Union. The idea for a liaison unit to assist and guide non-governmental organisations in Seychelles germinated in the minds of a small group of NGO’s in 1989.

The stated purpose was to: “encourage, promote and coordinate programmes and activities related to care and welfare issues through service delivery, mobilizing resources, research and innovation, human resource and development (sic) public information, education and advocacy to bring about change and development by all NGO’s in Seychelles, without prejudice to the autonomy of the individual members of LUNGOS.”

The role of LUNGOS has forcibly evolved beyond its constitutional mandate from that of liaison unit at the time of inception in 1989 to one whose current operation reflects and is comparable to a national platform for Civil Society in Seychelles.

Over the two decades, LUNGOS has seen itself consolidated its role as the national focal point for civil society in Seychelles, establishing collaborative partnerships with a multitude of organisations of world repute. LUNGOS has played a key role in voicing the needs and concerns of the country’s civil society and in advocating greater civil society involvement in national development and decision-making.

The state recognized and confirmed the vital role of civil society organizations (CSO’s) through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with LUNGOS in June 2008.

LUNGOS has 8 Commissions, namely: Environment & Natural Resources, Faith Based , Gender, Professional Organisation, Social & Health, Rights & good Governance, Youth Culture & Sports and the Socio-Economic Commission. The Commissioners make up the LUNGOS Board.

In this 25th year, LUNGOS is set to dissolve. Before end of this year (2014), a new platform for Civil Society will be formed. It will be called “Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles” – (CEPS).

LUNGOS celebrates its 25th anniversary.

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