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Citizen Engagement Platform Seychelles

Alliance of Solidarity for the Family (ASFF)


Seychelles Civil Society Member


Alliance of Solidarity for the Family (ASFF)

Date Founded: Jun 2013

Address: PO Box 1503 Victoria Mahe

Tel: +248 4323211- 2525711-2501247
Fax: +248 4321240
E-mail: [email protected][email protected][email protected]
Focal Person: Mrs. Germaine Valentin – Chairperson

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Category: Gender Commission , Social and Health Commission


To Promote responsible and solid families with special emphasis with sexual and reproductive health.
  • To promote love, fellowship and higher effective communicaiton in the family so as to make them praiseworthy unit of society
  • To promote advance and develop greater awareness and understanding of sexual reproductive health, family planning and responsible parenthood in the interests of human rights, family welfare; community welfare and international goodwill;
  • To promote awareness of gender balance and equality in the family
  • To promote spritual. social and moral values in the family
  • To initiate promote and encourage research and exchange of information in the field of streghtening family relations.
  • to acquire, disseminate and encourage the dissemination of information on family relationships and discipline;
  • to raise the standard of living of women and family through enlightenment of women and the family on economic, health and education issues;
  • to create, sustain and promote understanding and cooperation among women and men as equal partners in decision making and showing of responsilbility in the home workplace and community at large;
  • to empower family by offering of skills training, leadership training and counselling services as well as income generating and marketing techniques;
  • to represent the interest of women as well as families, voice their needs and promote as foster coordination between public and private institutions on the National and International level;
  • to educate and inform women and families of their legal rights;
  • to become a member of or to enter into association, arrangement or agreement with other Institutions both in and outside Seychelles, for the purposes of futhering the objects of the Association;


Social welfare
Human Rights
Educatin/ Training / Research
General population
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Alliance of Solidarity for the Family (ASFF)

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