Associate members

CSO NameFirst NameAddressTelephoneE-mail Address
Science & Sport (S&S)Mr. Zaher HamdanPO Box 9872513677[email protected], [email protected]
Drug Utilization Respond Network Seychelles (DURNS)Joseph Faddy BananeDr Chetty Building2784779[email protected]
Ralph DelplecheDr Chetty Building2838024 
Cooperative Des ArtisansMariette MCKelvyIndependence Avenue, Victoria4375794-2579947[email protected]
Collin AlbestIndependence Avenue, Victoria2718950[email protected]
Campaign for Awareness, Resilience and Education (CARE)Mrs. Noella GonthierPO Box 12614324242 / 4324566[email protected]
National Council for the DisabledMr. Marcus SimeonVictoria2722262-4293500[email protected] [email protected]
The Federation of Organized Employers, Entrepreneurs and Contractors Association of Seychelles (FOEECASS)Mr Ralph Ernesta 2711672 
Eagle AssociationMr Francis Chang-LengVictoria4224311[email protected] / [email protected]
Yves Bonnard  [email protected]
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