Accredited Members List

CSO Name First Name Address Telephone E-mail Address
African Community Association of Seychelles Mrs Marie-Aline Adeyosede Chairperson Point Larue 2728975 [email protected]
Austin Oketade Olawale Point Larue 2770228
African Union Youth Club Nathalie Duval Victoria 2633656 [email protected]
Constance Suzanne Victoria 2831837 [email protected]
Association of Nigerian Seychelles Andrew Iwoku P.O Box 1380, victoria 2782163 [email protected]
Mathias Adidi P.O Box 1380, victoria 2847098 [email protected]
Alliance of Solidarity For the Family (ASFF) Ms. Marie Antoinette Nanon Dr. Chetty’s Building P.O Box 1503 Victoria 2821028/4323211 [email protected]
Mrs. Germaine Valentin Dr. Chetty’s Building-P.O Box 1503 Victoria 2525711 [email protected]
Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation Mrs Lise Church Victoria 2527871/2599807 [email protected]
Mrs Nisreen Abdulmajid Victoria 2716444 [email protected]
Autism Seychelles Marie Anette Ernesta 2514223 [email protected]
Anse Etoile Youth Action Team Mr. Terrence Crea Maldive, Anse Etoile 2588163 [email protected]
Mrs. Catherine Pilate Maldive, Anse Etoile [email protected]
Arterial Network (Seychelles) Martin kenedy P.O Box 237 2584227 [email protected]
Michel Griffiths P.O Box 237 2512792 [email protected]
Association for Rights, Information and Democracy (ARID) Lucianne Sofola P.O Box 885 2521492 [email protected]
Association for the Promotion of Solid Humane Families Mrs. Rosy Denis Salle D’Oeuvre Building, Church Street P.O Box61, Victoria 4225300 – 2564144 [email protected]
Shiela pool Salle D’Oeuvre Building, Church Street P.O Box61, Victoria 2598577 [email protected]
Association of Fathers Promoting Responsibility Parenthood Connery Alvis Room 14, Trinity House Victoria 2630585 [email protected]
Association of Media Practitioners Seychelles (AMPS) Mr Rasin Sinon P.O Box 885 2813627 [email protected]
Sharon Eranie P.O Box 885 2716417 [email protected]
Association of People with Hearing Impairment Mrs. Anita Gardner Curiosity Shop Victoria Market P.O Box 504-Victoria 2749791 [email protected]
Association of Young Entrepreneurs – Seychelles (AYES) Mr Iouanna Pillay Victoria 2,711,672 [email protected]
Mr Luther Denis Victoria
All Things Are New Evangelism Faithful Ministry of God Mr JBIRIL Gbriel wale Adesoyede Pointe Lrue 2536788
Better Life Foundation Mr. Marco Francis Global Gateway, rue de la perle Providence 2525607 [email protected]
Mrs. Selma Francis Global Gateway, rue de la perle Providence 2525614 [email protected]
Baie Lazare Fisherman’s Association Jean Claude Michel Baie lazare 2574720 [email protected]
kevin samson Baie lazare 2723946 [email protected]
Bling Bling Poetry Tony Joubert P.O Box 885 2500348 [email protected]
Hubert Inande P.O Box 885 2780488 [email protected]
Brother Dudes Sovereign supporters Mr. Dean Padayachy Dean Padayachy anse étoile, Mahe 2771616 [email protected]
Noeline Monnaie Dean Padayachy anse étoile, Mahe 2610016 [email protected]
The Cancer Concern Association (CCA) Bishop. French Chang Him P.O Box 44, Victoria 2522440 / 4391000 [email protected]
Stella Desaubin P.O Box 44, Victoria 4611226
CARITAS Seychelles Mrs. Anne Pool Petit Seminaire- Victoria 4323270 [email protected]
Mariette Mondon Petit Seminaire- Victoria 2515205 [email protected]
Charity Choir Denise Elisabeth 2500324
Emmanuala Bonne 2715663
C’entre D’Accueil de la Rosiere Bishop Denis Wiehe Leveche-P.O Box 43- Victoria 4322152/ 4325087 [email protected] / [email protected]
Chagossians Committee (Seychelles) (CCS) Pierre Prosper Victoria 2510328 [email protected]
Mrs. Anne Marie Gendron Victoria 2724047 [email protected]
Citizens Democracy Watch (Seychelles) Mrs. Eline Moses P.O Box 885 2526292 [email protected]
Mr. Gerard Limsam P.O Box 885 2526026 [email protected]
CHINESE ASSOCIATION OF SEYCHELLES Charlie NG ping chen Victoria 2510950 [email protected]
Robert Chong Seng Victoria 2511367 [email protected]
COMPASSION (FOUNDATION) Kelvin Anacourra PO Box 885 2861031 [email protected]
Joanna Pouponneau PO Box 885 2544730 [email protected]
Everlasting Love Ministry Mr. Jude Fred Mont Buxton Mahe 2610938 [email protected]/ [email protected]
Mrs. Brigitta Camille Ocean Gate House 2781603 [email protected]
Esther Dignity Campaign for Girls & Women in Seychelles (EDCGWS) Mrs Margueritta Kilindo Anse Royale 2828107 [email protected]
Mrs Marguerite Marie Young Les Canelles, Anse Royale 2534112
Family Action Team of Mont Buxton Mrs. Linda Philoe Mont Buxton Mahe 2541551 [email protected]
Friends of Prison Association Of Seychelles Mirenda lozaique C/o P.O Box 1191 Victoria 2748489 [email protected]
Mrs. Marieanne Payet P.O Box 1191 Victoria 2526491 [email protected]
Gathering for Youths for Christ Association – (Gyc Association) Mr Michel Dan Ally Les Masoinette,La Poudrierre Lane
Global Shapers Community – Victoria HUB Craig Francourt C/o Ashley Cedras Union vale 2633450 [email protected]
Anael Bodwell Victoria 2576196 [email protected]
Grace Family Network Mr David O.Olawale P.O Box 072-Victoria 2510305 [email protected]
Daniella Antat P.O Box 072-Victoria 2526978 [email protected]
Green Island Foundation Mr. Marlon Naiken Victoria 4288888 [email protected] c
Tarryn Reteif Victoria 4,288,829 [email protected]
HIV and AIDS Support Organisations of Seychelles Mr. Justin Freminot PSM Building 2514997 – 4325108 [email protected]/ [email protected]
Tessy Madeleine PSM Building 2643441 [email protected]
Health Care Christian Fellowship (HCF) Philip Palmyre St Louis 2713838 [email protected]
Florence Payet Pointe Conan 2719930 [email protected]
Hineni Unlimited (Foundation) Mr Marcus Volcy Les Canelles, Anse Royale 2602098 [email protected] 
Mr Liroy Pierre Roche Caiman 2562484
International Friendship League Mrs. Marie Nella Azemia P.O Box 885 2711771 [email protected]
Lorna Almieida Victoria 2713069 [email protected]
International School Association Seychelles Laura Valabjhi Morne Blanc 2710169 [email protected]
Patrick Bonnelame Anse aux Pins 2514243  
ISLAND CONSERVATION SOCIETY Adrian Skerrett P.O Box 775 2513318 – 4375354 [email protected]
Pierre-Andre Adam P.O Box 775 2769978 -4375354 [email protected]
Jeo Jyoti Foundation Mr Surga Khanna Victoria 2525363/2711118 [email protected]
Mr Rohit Khanna Victoria 4242042
Juls Smart Innovative Zero Emission Foundation Shannon Lesperance Anse La Blague 2570832 [email protected]
Julien Lesperance Anse La Blague 2537544 [email protected]
Kindness and Compassion Foundation Mrs Beryl Dodin SNYC 2724168 [email protected]
Mrs Colette Servina Anse Boileau 2520433 [email protected]
L’Association Seychelloise Pour La Jeunesse et L’animation Mrs Anne Marie Mathiot P.O.B 1329 2564754 [email protected]
MARYLINE Denousse P.O.B 1329 2504524
L’entreprendre Au Feminin Ocean Indien Seychelles Mrs. Claudette Albert Victoria 2732606 [email protected]
Mrs. Johanna Didon Victoria 2836999 [email protected]
LarSan Frontyer’s Linda Hoareau Anse Royale 2570640 [email protected]
Veronica Joubert La Batie 2617154 [email protected]
Praslin Fishers Association Mr. Darrel Green Praslin 2512228 [email protected]
Mr. Louis Bossy Praslin 2540001 [email protected]
Pro Basketball Association Alf Aglae Roche-Bois 2543060 [email protected]
Yves Aglae Glacis 4385628 [email protected]
Preserve Seychelles Association Terry Sadapin Victoria 2513996 [email protected]
Shirley Otar Victoria 2711801 [email protected]
Pillay Art Foundation Ramakrishman Pillay POB 87 Market Street 2501057 [email protected]
Chandran Nagarajan POB 87 Market Street 2501018
Lasosyasyon Pour Promouvwar Latrankilite ek Respe Mr. Donald Ernesta Mont Buxton Mahe 2514892 [email protected]
Les Li viv Mrs. Catherine Belmont c/o Salle Doeuvre Victoria 2523894 [email protected]
Mrs. Doris Bastienne c/o Salle Doeuvre Victoria 4323535 -2521296 [email protected]
Leritaz takamaka Mr. Patel Esparon Takamaka district 4366321/2724005 /2597351 [email protected]
Light Amidst My Path ( LAMP) Mr. Richard Labrosse P.O Box 885 2592216 [email protected] / [email protected]
Samentha Jules P.O Box 885 2526790
Lightshouse Restoration Centre Inese Hall P.O Box 885 2574343 [email protected]
Kenny Renaud P.O Box 885 2722179 [email protected]
Lions Club of Seychelles Dr. Sasikumar Subramanian P.O Box 87 [email protected]
Mr. Ramakrishnan Pillay P.O Box 87 2501000 [email protected]
The Local Food Producers Association Mr Nelson Renaud St Louis Mahe 2829419 [email protected]
Love and Care Association Mrs. Anne Jacques Victoria 2728581 [email protected]
Moyenne Island (Foundation) Society Suketu Patel P.O Box 577 4 32 32 01 [email protected]
Bernard Pool P.O Box 577 4323201
M’Power Generation Next Nourisa Daman Beau vallon 2544362
Martin Christea Beau vallon 2609777
Make Peace Organisation Collin Margurite 2547800 [email protected]
Lynndina Essack 2557825
National Consumers Forum Mr Freddy Lesperance Orion Mall-P O Box1410 Victoria 4225941/2826517 [email protected]
Jourdane Ernesta Orion Mall-P O Box1410 Victoria 2525368 [email protected]
Nou la Pour ou Veronique Letoudie Le Chantier 4325959/2810303 [email protected]
The National Association for The Disabled Jourdane Ernesta 2525368 [email protected]
Roger Alphonse P.O Box 1310 2722550 [email protected]
Nature Seychelles Kerstin Henri P.O Box 1310 4601100 [email protected]
The Nurses Association of the Repubic of Seychelles Mrs. Rosie Bistoquet Victori Hospital Seychelles 2522246 [email protected]
Ms. Denise Mathiot P.O. Box 52 2562099 [email protected]
Nyikwa Ramogi Welfare Association Mr Bernard Otieno Victoria 2776914/2591449 [email protected]
Plant Conservation Action Group (PCA) Mr. Lindsay Chong-Seng Victoria 7241104/2514451 [email protected]
Katy Beaver Victoria 2574619 /2637533 [email protected]
ROTARY CLUB OF VICTORIA Charlie NG Victoria 2510950 [email protected]
Sunil Dhangee Victoria 2573132 [email protected]
Rotaract Club Of Mahe Chritian NG PING CHEUN 2619684 [email protected]
Seychelles Patients Association Bernard Valentin Seychelles Hospital POBox 52 2723030 [email protected]
Maizline Esther Seychelles Hospital POBox 52 2727094 [email protected]
Sea Turtle Friends Seychelles (STFS) Mr. Christophe Mason-Paker Victoria 2575770 [email protected]
Ms. Jenifer Appoo Victoria 2813311 [email protected]
Seychelles Arts Foudation Shirley Yu Victoria 4344334 [email protected]
[email protected]
Seychelles Association of Omnibus (SAO) Mr Mervin Elizabeth Victoria 2513510 [email protected]
Danny Deletourdie 2783122 [email protected]
Seychelles Bible Society Mrs. Margaret Maillet P.O Box 455 4226082 – 2567735 [email protected]
Mrs Anne Marie Elisabeth P.O Box 455 2525557 [email protected]
Seychelles Hindu Kovil Sangam Somas Pillay Quency Street 2783877 [email protected]
Anantha Gopal Quency Street 2717072 [email protected]
Seychelles Empower-based Social Workers’ Association (SEBSWA) Mr. George Nicette Victoria 2535173 [email protected]
Mr. Steven Robert 2723018 [email protected]
Seychelles stroke Foundation Mrs Noemie Woodcock Victoria 2516514 [email protected]
Ms Lysette Sullivan Victoria 2637347 [email protected]
Seychelles Farmers Association Serge Benstrong 2nd Floor, Transit Building, Pointe Larue 4601070 /4344533 [email protected]
Kisnan Louise [email protected]
The Seychelles Headteachers Association Mr. Steve Hoareau Mont Fleuri 2541170 [email protected]
Mixed Martial Arts and Submission Grappling Association of Seychelles Mr. Adrian Nanty P.O Box 2070 2592351 [email protected]
Mr. Rennick Charlette P.O Box 2070 2724674 [email protected]
The Seychelles Occupational Therapy Association Mrs .Fiona Paulin Occupational Therapy Seychelles Hospital Mont Fleuri 4388355 [email protected] / [email protected]
Mrs. Jacqueline Vidot Occupational Therapy Seychelles Hospital Mont Fleuri 4388355 [email protected]
Seychelles Physiotherapy Association Mr Meganath Victoria 2629545 [email protected]/ [email protected]
Ms Christy Bristol Victoria 2586554 [email protected]
The Seychelles Scouts Association Mr. Holbert Jean PO Box 529 2523982 [email protected]
Seychelles Sports Fishing Club Mr. Tarak Patel P O Box 1000 2522106 [email protected]
Mr. Grant Heyer P O Box 1000 2519351 [email protected]
SIDS YOUTH AIMS HUB-SEYCHELLES Ms. Angelique Pouponneau Flat no. C8, SACOS SUN INVESTMENT 2557600 [email protected]
Ms. Shantana Barbe Victoria 2502988 [email protected]
Social Workers Association of the Republic of Seychelles (SWARS) Mrs Beryl Laboudallon Unity House, Block 1, 1st Floor 4281832 / 2722258 [email protected]
Mrs. Bernadette Payet Unity House, Block 1, 1st Floor 2713788 [email protected]
Sports, Arts and Culture for Kids Initiative Franchaseca Monnaie Bel Ombre 2505266 / 2566536 [email protected]
Doreen Nancy Victoria 2600636 [email protected]
Stand up, Step up – Seychelles Mr Trevor Louise La Retraite 2619658/ 2546050 [email protected]
Survival Ark Foundation (S.A.F) Mrs. Francoise, Virginia Larue P.O Box 5014 2519442/4412077 [email protected] / [email protected]
Mrs. Theresa Vivianne Julie Victoria 2637947/2573381 [email protected]
Sustainability for Seychelles Dr. Marie-Therese Purvis P.O.Box 900-Victoria 2589001-4224072 [email protected]
Michele Martin P.O.Box 900-Victoria 2519135-4411905 [email protected]
Seychelles Dance Sport Tiny Lindiwe Wzime orion mall 2837228 [email protected]
Petrina Valentin orion mall 2580922 [email protected]
SeyLar Danny Sopha Victoria 2563783
Nigel henri Victoria 2816889 [email protected]
The Seychelles Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (SABVI) Mr. Derickson Servina Au Cap 2530865 [email protected]
Ms. Rosabel Hoareau Au Cap 2558904 [email protected]
Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles Mr. Victorin Laboudallon Baie Ste Anne, Pralin PO Box 4057- Victoria 2542536 [email protected][email protected]
Sharon meriton Jean 2724812/4283900 [email protected]
The Church of Pentecost-Seychelles P.s Emmanuel Victoria 2742835
Ms Rosy Quatre Victoria 2711985 [email protected]
The Voice Alexander Pierre Suite 407 premier building, victoria 2519519 [email protected]
Flory Larue Victoria 2523923 [email protected]
UN Youth (Seychelles) Ms Annarose Clarisse Victoria 2532145 [email protected]
Ms Sanjna Shah Victoria 2717174 [email protected]
Unique Foundation Ms Farida Camille Praslin 2511996 [email protected]
Ms Florette Marie Praslin 4233848
UNITED FOR A PURPOSE BRIGADE Dean Bistoe PO Box 1434 2592059 [email protected]
John Ondiek PO Box 1434 2545875 [email protected]
Universal Peace Federation Roger Alphonse Anse Royale 2722550 [email protected]
Anna Hermaine Faerber Victoria 2568263 [email protected]
Val d’Andorre Farmers’ Association (VDFA) Mr Danny Agathine Val D’Endorre Mahe 2783898 [email protected]
Juliana Brutus Val D’Endorre Mahe 2769857
Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles Terence vel Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles P. O. Box 1435 Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles 2823665/428 3057 [email protected]
WiseOceans Seychelles Emily Daniels Petite Anse [email protected]
Word of His Grace Chistian Mission Christine Marimba Alpha Center Providance 2535284 [email protected]
Rev David O Olawale Alpha Center Providance 2510503 [email protected]
Women In Action and Solidarity (WASO) Mrs. Rosemary Elizabeth 5B, SENPA INDUSTRIAL Providence 2781560-2530500 [email protected]
Mrs. Mita Charlette 2573794
Women In Partnership Against Poverty (WIPAP) Ursanne Ernesta Victoria 2507600 [email protected]
Karen Clothilde 2772400 [email protected]
Yoga Association of Seychelles (YAS) Ms. Lorna Low-Hong Yoga Club Victoria, Seychelles 2714438 [email protected]
Mrs. Adriana Auguste Anse Etoile, Mahe 2516811 -2714438 [email protected][email protected]
Youth For Christ International Seychelles Mr. Mervin Pool C/O Grace & Peace Baptist Church, Les Mamelles 2812848 [email protected]
Youth with a Mission Mr. Francis Accouche C/O Mina Antha, Bodamier, Anse Aux Pins, Mahe 2728612 [email protected]
Quincy Village,Mahe 2530049 [email protected]
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