Article 23 (1) of the Seychelles Constitution, gives every Seychelles citizen the right of assembly and association

“Every person has a right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association and for the purpose of this article this right includes the right to assemble freely and associate with other persons and in particular to form or to belong to political parties, trade unions or other associations for the protection of the interests of that person and not to be compelled to belong to any association.”

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Civil Society is known to bring about multiple benefits from an economic and social development angle. For instance, CSO’s significantly contribute to the country’s GDP growth and development, primarily through attracting donor funded projects particularly in the environment, social and health sectors. It is estimated that the Seychelles benefits from an average €3.5 million annually through foreign funding secured by local CSO’s.

At national level, CSO’s have become increasingly active in local issues, at district level and national governance areas, demanding accountability, promoting transparency and access to information, as well as providing basic services to the population. CSO’s also contribute towards social development by initiating various programmes that help the community to address socio-economic issues. This is done partly through partnership with Government Agencies and also through the initiatives of individual CSO’s.

Investing in Civil Society Investment in civil Society, means that citizens are empowered to be more engaged to take up responsibilities in economic and social development and therefore able to own their destinies. This is in line with the governmental policy of Government playing the role of Facilitator, and allowing citizens to lead the way forward.