A platform is a serviced based environment. Services are produced by people and consumed by various direct beneficiaries, stakeholders and public. CEPS is a multi-sectorial network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Since its inception, CEPS has grown to be a recognized brand and leader in civic policy engagement. CEPS Finance & Administration Department is headed by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

The department provides a variety of services for the platform, and is responsible for human, physical, financial, and informational resources. The responsibilities of this office include:

·        Preparation and management of the CEPS Budget

·        Preparation of monthly financial statements and reports

·        Maintain cash control

·        Prepare and reconcile bank statements

·        Payroll and personnel administration

·        Purchasing for the platform

·        Manage the conference/meeting rooms events

·        Implement internal financial policies and procedures

·        Manage the Commissions accounts

·        Manage the financial account of CEPS projects

·        Maintain Equipment

·        Reconcile general ledgers and prepare files for audit

·        Process telecommunication package for members

·        Assist with member’s queries

·        Administer employment agreements

·        Verify and report on benefits payments

·        Maintain the leave management system

·        Organize all the staffing requirements of the Secretariat

·        Organize the creation, reclassification, evaluation and grading of post

·        Assist in the formulation and revision of personnel policies, procedures and strategies

·        Organize the recruitment, selection and placement of personnel

·   Organize the Human Resources requirements vis-à-vis personnel emoluments, training vote and other related allocations

·        Deal with industrial relations issues and providing advisory and counseling  services   

·        Monitor the physical and psychological environment and ensuring health and safety at work

·        Review remittances

·        Manage payroll systems

·        Review payroll reports

The office has a Finance & Admin Assistant and is guided by the CEPS Standard Operating Procedures.

To contact the CEPS Finance & Administration Department please email [email protected]