Registration under the Associations Act with the Registration Division Department of Seychelles.

As stipulated in the Laws of Seychelles, under the current registration of Associations Act (Chapter 201- revised in 1991) all prospective CSOs must duly complete and submit application form, accompanied by the following supporting documents.


Covering letter addressed to the registrar general

The corporate name and place of business of the organisation / association

The constitution of the organisation/ association

The names, occupations and addresses of the Executive Committee Members

Minutes of proceeding of meeting comprising the resolution of the members of the association appointing the Executive Committee Members

The rules of the organisation / Association

Applications are usually evaluated and CSOs informed of the decision in writing, within seven working days. Once registered, the CSO is issued with a Registration Certificate.

Please note that no application fee is levied for the Registration of CSOs.
It is mandatory for all CSOs to:


Provide details of any change to its Constitution and Executive Committee.

Furnish the Registrar with a return of all Officers of the CSO and the annual audited accounts before the 31st January each year. Failure to comply shall result in a fine of Rs25 per day.